Become a part of the biggest and leading education provider in Northern Europe. Together, we will develop lifelong learners with a heart for the world

Dibber Professionals - Our greatest assets

At Dibber we say. "We are driven by heart". In short, this means we prioritize connections and value others. Utilizing our X factor, relations first, we establish and maintain our company and is embedded in the pedagogy at our learning centers, creates an atmosphere of belonging that people experience as soon as they enter any Dibber facility.

We stand out because of the people who join our Dibber family. Our people are warm hearted professionals who embrace a spirit of collaboration, set goals ambitiously, and support holistic, long-term view of child development. 

Our Countries

Become a part of a global community

Accross Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, Dibber develop and manages high quality early childhood edication centers. We empower children to be the best version of themselves and master lifte. Dibber is preparing them for today and the days to come.