Occupational Therapist

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Our commitment to high-quality early childhood education ensures not only better health and social-emotional outcomes but also lays a strong foundation for success in future educational settings. We provide a nurturing environment where children can explore, laugh, wonder, build friendships, and develop a strong sense of self-worth, setting the stage for a promising future. Join us in shaping a bright future for children during their crucial first few years.

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The role:

The Occupational Therapist will play a critical role in providing specialized support to children within our nurseries who present with physical, developmental, or emotional difficulties. Responsibilities include managing a defined clinical caseload, conducting assessments, implementing tailored interventions, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, leading defined initiatives, delivering training to educational staff, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Job Description:

Enhanced Clinical Caseload Management, Assessment & Intervention:
•    Take proactive ownership of a designated clinical caseload spanning across multiple nurseries, ensuring the timely and proficient delivery of occupational therapy services.
•    Utilize evidence-based methodologies to conduct comprehensive assessments and diagnoses of children with occupational therapy needs, including sensory processing disorders and fine motor skill challenges.
•    Develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each child's unique needs and meticulously monitor progress through detailed clinical record-keeping.
•    Implement specialized occupational therapy interventions to address various challenges faced by children, including sensory integration, fine motor coordination, and activities of daily living.
•    Foster collaborative partnerships with internal and external multidisciplinary teams, promoting cohesive care and support for children.
•    Actively participate in interdisciplinary meetings, providing expertise to develop holistic treatment plans.
•    Lead specific initiatives within the nurseries aimed at enhancing occupational therapy services and improving student outcomes.
•    Innovate and deploy strategies to optimize service delivery, continuously enhancing the quality of care provided.

Effective Communication:
•    Provide specialized guidance to clients, families, and multidisciplinary teams regarding occupational therapy challenges, ensuring adherence to consent procedures and utilizing appropriate reporting mechanisms.
•    Foster inclusivity by adapting communication strategies and collaborating with interpreters to ensure effective communication with children and families.
•    Contribute to marketing initiatives and participate in meetings to promote awareness of occupational therapy services and contribute to strategic decision-making.

Training and Professional Development:
•    Conduct tailored training sessions for educators and assistant educators to deepen their understanding of occupational therapy principles and methodologies.
•    Provide mentorship and support to colleagues, identifying training needs and facilitating professional development opportunities.
•    Stay updated with advancements in occupational therapy through continuous study and participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance:
•    Ensure compliance with Dubai Health Authority regulations and uphold the standards set forth by relevant professional bodies in all aspects of practice.
•    Maintain awareness of regulatory updates and adapt practices accordingly to ensure the highest standards of care are maintained.
•    Uphold the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, prioritizing the welfare and best interests of clients at all times.

Required Qualifications:

The Dibber Way forms the basis for attitudes and values required from Occupational Therapist

•    Bachelor’s or master’s degree in occupational therapy 
•    A minimum of 2 years of proven pediatric experience with verifiable references
•    Possession of a Dubai Health Authority license or eligibility
•    Proficient in both written and spoken English.
•    Skilled in conducting assessments and generating progress reports.
•    Experience working with children with a variety of developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, and physical disabilities.
•    Knowledge of evidence-based assessment tools and therapeutic interventions for children aged 0-6 years.
•    Commitment to professional development and continuous learning to enhance skills and stay current with best practices in pediatric occupational therapy.
•    Strong clinical assessment and intervention skills.
•    Collaborative team player.
•    Organizational and time management skills.
•    Cultural sensitivity.
•    Proficiency in documentation.

Dibber manages over 600 Early Childhood Education Center in 10 countries with over 40,000 children. We commit to being lifelong learners, and to staying updated in our professions. We endeavour to build a network of professionals who can support and inspire each other. 
In 2014, Dibber established its first nursery in the UAE, under the name CreaKids. Today, the Group counts 6 nurseries located in The Sustainable City, Al Barsha South 2, Damac Hills Mudon, Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai and Khalifa City A in Abu Dhabi.

No matter where you are based, or which team you work on, you will be part of a group of people who want to make a true difference to children, students, and their future. Together we create a warm-hearted and inclusive workplace where you are valued, and we will develop and thrive as professionals together in our global family. If you're prepared to embark on a journey where your passion aligns with purpose, where every day presents a chance to spark curiosity and lay the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow, then we invite you to join our community of passionate educators at Dibber.

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City:  Dubai

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Contract type:  Permanent